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A fascinating set of 12 books on the topics of fortune telling and dreams:


- Past, Present, Future: How to Read and Interpret Dreams, Handwriting, Palms, Cards, Tea Leaves, Dice, Doodles, Numbers by Peter Brent, 1977.                                                                       ISBN: 067252130X. Price 7.41                                                     - How To Interpret Your Own Dreams by Tom Chetwynd, 1988. ISBN: 0517319616. Price 7.41                                                     - The Cup of Destiny by Jane Lyle, 2001.                                    ISBN: 1859060617. Price 12.41                                                    - The Encyclopedia of Mind, Magic and Mysteries by Francis X. King, 1991.                                                                                 ISBN: 0863186394. Price 12.41                                                    - Fortune Telling by Bill Anderton, 1996.                                     ISBN: 0752517198. Price 10.41                                                    - Dream Decoder by Dr Fiona Zucker, Jonny Zucker, 2000.            ISBN: 1861556020. Price 7.41


- The Art of Hand Reading by Lori Reid, 1996.                            ISBN: 0751303216. Price 10.41                                                    - Titania's Oracle by Titania Hardie, 1998.                                   ISBN: 1899988130. Price 20.41                                                    - Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards (Large Card Decks) by Doreen Virtue, 1999.                                                                   ISBN: 1561706396. Price 11.41                                                    - The Tarot : How to Use and Interpret the Cards by Brian Innes, 1998.                                                                                         ISBN: 0748100148. Price 8.41                                                     - Secrets of the Face: Love, Fortune, Personality Revealed the Siang Mien Way by Lailan. Young, 1983.                                        ISBN: 0340323558. Price 7.41                                                     - Palmistry by Francis King, 1979.                                               ISBN: 0856130095. Price 6.41

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You can buy the whole collection for 90 (including postage + 2 handling).

Price for individual books includes postage (+ 2 handling).

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