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Handwriting is rapidly becoming a thing of the past in these
computer-driven days. So stand out from the crowd and discover
the art of calligraphy with these eleven stylish books:


- Pen and Brush Lettering and Practical Alphabets
by Blandford Press, 1946.  ASIN: B000S3BCC4. Price 10.41
- Calligraphy Step-by-Step by Gaynor Goffe and Anna Ravenscroft, 1994. ISBN: 0004128036. Price 10.41
- Osmiroid Book of Calligraphy by Christopher Jarman, 1984. ISBN: 0950222216. Price 9.41
- Writing: Story of Alphabets and Scripts by Georges Jean and Jenny Oates, 1992. ISBN: 050030016X. Price 4.41
- Writing & Illuminating, & Lettering by Edward Johnston, 1994.
ISBN: 080088731X. Price 8.41
- Basic Penmanship by John Lancaster, 1988. ISBN:0852196776.
Price 8.41
- Signwritten Art by A J Lewery, 1989. ISBN:0715392735. Price 12.41
- Collins Calligrapher's Companion by Janet Mehigan and Mary Noble, 1999. ISBN: 0004133781. Price 12.41
- Book of Lettering by Reynolds Stone, 1936. ISBN: 071360722X.
Price 13.41
- Book of Lettering by Reynolds Stone, 1943. ISBN: 071360722X.
Price 13.41
- The Complete Calligrapher by Frederick Wong, 1980. ISBN: 0823007782. Price 6.41

You can buy the whole collection for 70 (including postage + 2 handling).

Price for individual books includes postage (+ 2 handling).

Please note that pictures are not all to scale.

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