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Great for that special gift or a personal indulgence! Why not treat yourself to one of these alluring books on ‘alternative’ subjects:


How to Make White Magic: Working with the Forces of Nature by Raje Airey, 2005            ISBN: 1844775615    £7.41                                                                                                        Essential Oils by Mike Dowling, 2003                                                                                        ISBN: 0760742537    £6.41                                                                                                         Essential Oils (Guide to MBS) by Jennie Harding, 2002                                                          ISBN: 0752577794    £7.41                                                                                                         Earth Medicine: Revealing Hidden Teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel (Earth Quest) by Kenneth Meadows, 1996                                                                                ISBN: 1852306688    £10.41                                                                                                       Phantoms in the Brain by VS Ramachandran, 1998                                                                ISBN: 1857026187    £12.41                                                                                                       Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy by Christine Wildwood, 1996                           ISBN: 0747520852    £9.41


Herb Gardening by Karen Kenny, 2005                                                                                     ISBN: 1845105168    £6.41                                                                                                         The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy Massage and Yoga by Carole McGilvery, Jimi Reed, Mira Mehta, 1995                                                                                                                        ISBN: 1860350771    £11.41                                                                                                       Essential Aromatherapy Book by Carole Mcgilvery, 1995                                                       ISBN: 1859671373    £10.41                                                                                                       A Guide to Drugs: Use, Abuse and Effects by Sandra Shulman, 1974                                  ISBN: 0706701453    £11.41

 Please note that pictures are not all to scale. These books are all in good condition, although some have minor staining or damage to the dust jacket due to age.

 You can buy the collection for £60.50 (including postage + £2 packing and handling).

Price for individual books includes postage (+ £2 handling).

Overseas buyers please contact us for shipping charges.


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